Other Public Relations Services

Expert Client Counsel is Key

Spokesperson training, building and administrating company social media campaigns, documentary, news and viral videos, E-Newsletters, direct mail, logos, coordination of speaker’s bureaus, direct mail campaigns, video, podcasts, concensus building within a group and brainstorming sessions are just some of the other public relations expertise KD/PR brings to the table.

What sets us apart? Our years of experience. How efficiently we work. Our connections across the State of Alaska. If we don’t know the answer to your PR need, we likely know the right person to help with a solution.

Looking for that perfect giveaway? KD/PR Virtual’s team can help you come up with the latest and coolest specialty promo item. We’re not talking pens and coffee cups here. Get creative and give your potential clients something useful that will keep your company top of mind for months to come. Our team member, Stacey Vetter, attends the latest conferences on specialty promotional products and always comes up with a unique giveaway item tailored to your business.

One of the most important assets we bring to our clients is experienced, reliable public relations counsel. When the CEO needs an “outside opinion” or when the PR director needs a helping hand, KD/PR can be there as needed. We have people who can fill in for someone on maternity leave or when a position is vacant. We are “on call” to our clients 24 X 7 and will help you set realistic communications goals and guide you to achieving measurable public relations goals.