Crisis Communications

aurora-awardsmPreparing for the worst

Bad things do happen to good businesses. When it happens, will you be ready? KD/PR Virtual Agency provides its clients crisis counseling and plans of action when all is well, so your business can be prepared for the worst. Working with Helvey Communications, KD/PR Virtual was awarded a Silver Anvil in 2017 for crisis communications work for an Anchorage company. 

It’s a proven fact that companies that handle crisis situations well, do so because they are well prepared in advance for a problem. KD/PR assists clients in developing a crisis plan that includes everything from a list of possible scenarios to a crisis team and contact lists, already prepared media materials,¬†ready-to-go websites, plans for setting up a crisis center and Alaska media lists that are updated annually.

Expert Counsel

When a good reputation can be wiped out after a single bad incident, it’s critical to get good public relations counsel before, during and after an emergency situation. When the first few hours can set the tone for how the events and your organization will be perceived, it’s essential to be prepared. KD/PR Virtual counselors help clients manage a crisis by effectively communicating with employees, clients, shareholders, community leaders and the media, as well as managing social media in a time of crisis.