Copywriting & Editing

newsletterPutting It In Writing

Call on KD/PR Virtual’s project management, graphic design and writing experience to help you with your next E-News, printed newsletter, brochure, invitation, annual report or other printed material. KD/PR Virtual and affiliated writers are comfortable with a wide range of subjects, from the Alaska’s building industry to utilities, fisheries issues, nonprofits and the arts.

In 2017, Kathy Day of KD/PR Virtual was named Content Coordinator for South Anchorage Hillside Living Magazine. Look for Kathy’s “Family Spotlight” and “Business Spotlight” features in each issue of the magazine.

E-Newsletters to News Releases

Need someone to help you put that guest editorial or speech together? Want an efficient, reliable assistant to help your organization get an E-blast out on time, with information that will get attention? Need to start a blog or develop a quick website to educate the public? KD/PR offers expert copywriting services for all types of publications, social media and for the web. Kathy Day is a Solution Provider with Constant Contact and helps small businesses meet their goals with Email, event, survey and other marketing services using the Constant Contact platform.