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Seawolf Debaters to Argue “Is Anchorage the Worst Place to Start a Business Now


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Anchorage — Oct. 17, 2017 —  Four of UAA’s nationally ranked SeaWolf Debate Squad will take on the question “This House believes Anchorage is the worst possible place to start a business now” as part of the day-long Prosperity Summit on Anchorage’s economic future. The debate begins at noon on Thursday, Oct. 19 at the Hotel Captain Cook. The Prosperity Summit is being presented by Anchorage’s classical music radio station, KLEF-FM.

“We were looking for something provocative for the participants to consider to over lunch,” said Station Manager Rick Goodfellow. “Personally, I am a bit more positive about Anchorage’s future than the debate motion might suggest but there’s nothing like a good debater to bring out all points of view.”

The UAA students engaging the question are Sarah Gray, Genevieve Mina, Hayley Cavitt and Robert Hockema.

The rest of the day, the KLEF Prosperity Summit will be devoted to five panel discussions featuring 21 experienced Anchorage business people.  The panels are built around the theme “What can we learn from the last great Alaska recession?” Learn more or purchase tickets to attend the Summit at