News Release

AlaskaFit “Beats the Treats”


M E D I A / P H O T O   A D V I S O R Y




WHO:             AlaskaFit, where your health and strength are more important than being “skinny”

WHAT:           Beat the Treats Workout

WHEN:           Saturday, October 29, 9 to 9:45 a.m.

WHERE:         AlaskaFit, 6251 Tuttle Place (near Lake Otis & Dowling)

The holiday season has begun, and with that – the season of weight gain. The average American gains one or two pounds between Halloween and New Years, but an extra pound or two adds up over a few years. Some people, especially those who are already overweight, can even gain up to 10 pounds in just a couple of months by indulging in the candy, party food and large meals that come with the holidays.

AlaskaFit invites Alaskans to take action – by joining in on a special workout. Wear a costume if you like, and get started on an effective workout and nutrition plan that will break the holiday weight gain trend. All of AlaskaFit’s Certified Trainers will be there to get you started. The workout is free, but a $20 donation is suggested, benefitting The Children’s Lunchbox Program.

Even the fittest people most likely won’t be able to resist the temptation of candy this week. But, there are candy choices that are better than others. AlaskaFit also has some tips to help you minimize the damage. Come get our “Tips to Survive Halloween” Fact Sheet, including a list of 10 candies that are a better choice than others, or download the Fact Sheet.