Why “Duh” Research Helps Public Relations

To quote Nuke Laloosh, the dim and trim rookie baseball pitcher played by Tim Robbins in Bull Durham, “winning is like, you know, better than losing.”  Well duh. The same reaction applies to “duh” research – those kind of studies that confirm the obvious like rain makes things wet.  While such a grasp of reality is hardly remarkable, the human behavior behin […] Read the rest on

Social Media: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

By Sharon Kreher, Partner, teamworksPR When the social media age first dawned (remember Friendster and MySpace?), it seemed like a curiosity. But then Facebook took off. And Twitter. And suddenly, businesses realized that they needed to be visible on social media platforms or be left out of millions of daily conversations. That precipitated a mad rush into s […] Read the rest on

Common Grammar Errors To Avoid

Provided by Toni Antonetti, President PR Chicago and former President, PRConsultants Group Don’t ruin your clever blog post with an attack of bad grammar. This infographic from Grammar Check provides a quick view of the 10 most common errors: An infographic by GrammarCheck […] Read the rest on

PRConsultants Group Made Some Magic in Orlando

By Amy Kossoff Smith, President, Write Ideas, Inc. and Founder/Editor of PRCG Powerlines, @WriteIdeasPR When 40 public relations consultants get together, there’s bound to be some magic sparks.  This year’s 11th Annual  PRConsultants Group Conference in Orlando, Florida, was a great example of long-time peers collaborating on the latest in strategy, technolo […] Read the rest on

Resolve to be More Powerful

It’s 2014. Name three meaningful pieces of information that you’ve learned this year that you didn’t know last year. If you have difficulty responding, then make your belated New Year’s resolution to learn something new every day. As public relations practitioners, we are responsible for counseling clients and advising, if not implementing, tactics to help a […] Read the rest on

A New Year Resolution for Non Profit Organizations

Cousin Eddie, the infamous befuddled relative from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, is someone who makes the hair on the back of neck stand on end. Cousin Eddie will say and do the most outlandish things that leave you forcing a smile, scratching and shaking your head, and questioning the integrity of your family. In marketing terms, Cousin Eddie is no […] Read the rest on

Come on, Can’t You Be Original?

By Marisa Vallbona, APR, Fellow PRSA, president of CIM Incorporated, This blog post originally appeared in PRSAY, a blog published by the Public Relations Society of America. Have you ever encountered a colleague or acquaintance you never thought was particularly bright and suddenly they’re churning out thought leadership pieces that position them as industr […] Read the rest on

One Tweet, One Leap

  Marjorie Scardino has only posted one tweet (@marjscar on Dec 5) and though it is only one small step for a woman, it is one giant leap for womankind…make that all kind!  That’s because her tweet thanked the Twitter board of directors for making her their first female board member.   As her 4786th follower, I’m curious to watch how this “education, technol […] Read the rest on