Stop Saying You’re Too Old, Please.

  I bet we’ve all heard, and maybe said, statements like “We need a 20-something to handle this,” or “I’ll ask my children how this works,” or “I’m too old for .” Although usually spoken in jest, these are harmful words for senior PR practitioners to use. Keep it up and your next line may be “I need a job.” Staying on top of technology is not that hard. In f […] Read the rest on

At the heart of public relations is a powerful story

It’s a privilege to be invited to listen to someone tell their story. It’s an even greater honor to be trusted to be a steward of their story, and to help find ways to share it where it most needs to be heard. When we listen to someone’s story it’s an opportunity to widen perspective, learn and grow. If a story has made an impact on our heart, we will be for […] Read the rest on

Snark Gone Bad Can Lead to Workplace Abuse

By Dawn Stranne, President, Dawn Stranne & Associates   Happy Snark Free Day! Today, our group of public relations professionals from every corner of America asks everyone to take some time to think about the power of words and to be snark free, just for a day. Snark gone bad can cross over the ugly line into bullying at the office. For most of us, we probab […] Read the rest on

Snark Free Day Returns (Let the retorts begin)

By Felicia Knight, President, The Knight Canney Group When PRConsultants Group, a national consortium of public relations and communications professionals launched the first annual Snark Free Day last year, the response from some quarters was predictable—even funny. Turns out, some people are just too damned cool to lose the snark, if only for 24 hours. It’s […] Read the rest on

A Gaming Convention Comes to Town

By Stacia Kirby, president of Kirby Communications When a big convention rolls into town, many of the locals brace themselves for a takeover as their downtown becomes crowded, hotels and restaurants full. Combine that with a lack of understanding as to who is exactly coming to town, and you have a classic case of a PR challenge. Back in 2003, Gen Con “The Be […] Read the rest on

If you want a good PR person, hire a soccer player

By Margaret Nathan, Partner at Strategic Communication, Inc. In a recent article in The New York Times, the great David Brooks wrote an article about the difference between baseball and soccer. He posed the question: Is life more like baseball, or is it more like soccer? He then went on to quote, “as Simon Critchley pointed out recently in The New York Revie […] Read the rest on