A Gaming Convention Comes to Town

By Stacia Kirby, president of Kirby Communications When a big convention rolls into town, many of the locals brace themselves for a takeover as their downtown becomes crowded, hotels and restaurants full. Combine that with a lack of understanding as to who is exactly coming to town, and you have a classic case of a PR challenge. Back in 2003, Gen Con “The Be […] Read the rest on

If you want a good PR person, hire a soccer player

By Margaret Nathan, Partner at Strategic Communication, Inc. In a recent article in The New York Times, the great David Brooks wrote an article about the difference between baseball and soccer. He posed the question: Is life more like baseball, or is it more like soccer? He then went on to quote, “as Simon Critchley pointed out recently in The New York Revie […] Read the rest on

Choose the “Right” Charitable Nonprofit

By Tom Garrity, President of  The Garrity Group Previously, we’ve discussed what nonprofits can do to increase their relevance before their target audiences. Today, we’ll tackle some thoughts on things that corporate leaders should consider when identifying ways to contribute time and resources for a nonprofit or community issue: Look at existing resources – […] Read the rest on

Learnable Lessons for NYT Leaked Digital Report

An internal New York Times report on its digital prowess is an unzipped view of the struggles traditional media faces in the new age. The report is lengthy, but the NiemanLab has issued a (long) summary that is worth the time of all public relations and outreach professionals, and arguably for any kind of company. The NYT is repeatedly beat on its own storie […] Read the rest on

Why “Duh” Research Helps Public Relations

To quote Nuke Laloosh, the dim and trim rookie baseball pitcher played by Tim Robbins in Bull Durham, “winning is like, you know, better than losing.”  Well duh. The same reaction applies to “duh” research – those kind of studies that confirm the obvious like rain makes things wet.  While such a grasp of reality is hardly remarkable, the human behavior behin […] Read the rest on

Social Media: Who? What? When? Where? Why?

By Sharon Kreher, Partner, teamworksPR When the social media age first dawned (remember Friendster and MySpace?), it seemed like a curiosity. But then Facebook took off. And Twitter. And suddenly, businesses realized that they needed to be visible on social media platforms or be left out of millions of daily conversations. That precipitated a mad rush into s […] Read the rest on

Common Grammar Errors To Avoid

Provided by Toni Antonetti, President PR Chicago and former President, PRConsultants Group Don’t ruin your clever blog post with an attack of bad grammar. This infographic from Grammar Check provides a quick view of the 10 most common errors: An infographic by GrammarCheck […] Read the rest on