I was invited to hear a story and was forever changed.

Nearly ten months ago a colleague called me about a film project for a small nonprofit that wanted to tell its story and was set to begin a capital campaign to raise awareness. Our initial meeting with Cy’s Place founders Randy and Ree Erickson and Board member, Dr. Shakila Khan of Mayo Clinic lasted two and half hours and truly could have gone longer…the st […] Read the rest on

Bring Your Non-Profits Into Focus

Barb Harris and Sharon Kreher, teamworks communication management, We live in an increasingly visual world, where electronic and social media is driving an ever greater need for more and higher quality photos and graphics. In our work with non-profit organizations, we’re seeing many of them scrambling to assemble high-resolution photo lib […] Read the rest on

Generational Faux Pas

Generational Faux Pas by Heidi Langer, Langer Marketing & Communications LLC Nothing screams Baby Boomer more than a double space after a period. Really? Oops, just double spaced after the period! Hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Yes, I’m a Baby Boomer. Actually straddling the fence with Baby Boomers on one side and Generation X on the other. If I fell o […] Read the rest on

Texan meets his match in federal court over Facebook

By Kay Floyd A Texas gun store owner has found himself in a heated battle with a federal judge that, as it turns out, has nothing to do with guns. Instead, it concerns his Facebook. Yes, that is what I said, Facebook As reported in the Houston Chronicle, Jeremy Alcede lost his store, Tactical Firearms, and shooting range in Katy, Texas, in a bankruptcy proce […] Read the rest on

Making a Difference with Media Relations

By Hope Brown, APR Principal, PublicCity PR   If you ask the average six-year-old what he or she dreams of becoming when they grow up, I’m betting “public relations professional” doesn’t rank high on the roster of responses…you know, probably somewhere just behind fairy princess or superhero, I assume.   That said, even a “grown-up PR professional” can feel […] Read the rest on

4 Myths About Being an Independent PR Practitioner

By Deborah Trivitt, APR I’m not a fan of the recent fad to make a list of the “best,” “worst,” “most,” “least” of anything. I’m pretty sure the people making the lists are arbitrarily picking from their favorites or least favorites to make the list.  I doubt any real research goes into the making of any of them. Recently PRSA Tactics […] Read the rest on